Test Preparation

Omniac Education helps students boost test scores! We provide quality score improvements in as little as ten hours, perfect for Albuquerque students. 

Our high-impact tutoring style means you will spend less time drilling and more time learning strategies, tips, and tricks that will improve your score. We have the best tutors in Albuquerque; all of our ACT tutors (and SAT tutors) have scored in the 95th percentile or higher on the test they teach.

  • Dedicated Teachers

We take great pride in providing great teachers. Every Omniac ACT and SAT instructor has scored in the 95th percentile of every exam they teach and has completed at least 30 hours of  training with the Omniac Premier ACT Tutor.

  • Focused Classes
    Some of the many benefits of our targeted methods are shorter classes and less homework. We are able to prepare Albuquerque students on a condensed schedule because every tutoring activity is directly relevant to the students in the classroom.
  • Proven Results

As Albuquerque’s only locally owned and operated tutoring agency, Omniac Education is the result of decades of work in the test preparation tutoring industry, and we continue to invest time and energy into refining our tutoring skills, trainings, programs, and materials. Our students see an average of 3 points of improvement on the ACT and 150-200 points on the SAT in as little as twelve hours!

Need help with boosting your ACT or ASAT score? Call us today at (505) 750 4813 or view our list of scheduled classes!