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Want to improve your High School Spanish Grade?

Every school year Omniac Education Spanish tutors help students to master the Spanish language and maximize their Foreign Language GPA.  In fact, we see more students for Spanish than any other language taught in high school!  If you'd like to talk with one of our Spanish tutors and learn how we can help you raise your GPA, fill out the contact form to your right and we will be in touch shortly!

Learn More than Spanish Vocabulary

Our tutors do more than cover lists of Spanish vocabulary.  Instead, your tutor will work with you to understand key points of Spanish grammar and syntax.  We'll even help you with speaking and listening comprehension.

Spanish Tutoring on your Schedule

Don't have time to come to our office?  That's fine!  Our Spanish tutors will come directly to your house or nearby meeting place.  We believe tutoring should make your life easier, not just give you another appointment that keeps you busy!

Work with a Trained Spanish Instructor

Our instructors go far beyond the material to help students get results.  Every Omniac Spanish teacher is specially trained to work with high school material, aid students with study tips, and teach test taking skills.  Don't hire the college kid down the street.  Hire a professional Omniac instructor!