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Omniac College Roundup for November 6th, 2009


We're glad that schools are keeping dangerous influences like this fellow off campus. (Photo Credit: Flickr via DPStyles)

A New York Eagle scout was suspended for 1 month for keeping small pocketknife in his locked car. He fears that the incident could hurt his application to West Point.  Fox News

A list of the 25 most dangerous schools has been compiled.  How does your school compare against others in terms of student safety? The Daily Beast

There is most definitely a relationship between a university and the type of student it attracts.  How much does a particular college affect its students, and how much does a student body affect the school?  The New York Times

New GI bill will eventually be a huge help for veterans.  Unfortunatetly, they are struggling to receive their benefits right now.  The Washington Post

Students who have higher GPAs will have more options for college, but there are still plenty of choices for students who have more Bs and Cs.  The Choice

More and more colleges are using Facebook to reach out to students;  as a result, more and more students are looking there for answers.  The Boulder Daily Camera

When college admissions officers met for their annual convention in Baltimore recently, one frequent topic of discussion was the economy and its effect on students and parents.  The New York Times

Louisiana universities have some of the worst graduation rates in the country.  To correct that, state lawmakers are attempting to raise admissions standards.  The New Orleans Times-Picayune 

The University of Nevada - Reno plans to remove their free university email services, touting it as a fantastic way to cut school costs without getting rid of anything with actual educational value.  The Nevada Sagebrush


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