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Omniac College Roundup for September 10th, 2009


 Guitar Hero is an award winning video game based on rock and roll.

Are these girls learning anything? (Photo Credit: Flickr via alarzy

Colleges are offering unusual classes, such as ones covering Twitter or Guitar Hero, more each year.  But is that really the best way for students to learn.  Switched 

Credit card companies will no longer be able to target college freshman for easy and early debt.  But there are still plenty of ways for responsible students to build their credit ratings.  USA Today

President Obama's recent speech has caused an uproar around the nation.  And schools are reacting radically different from one another on how to handle it.  The Washington Post

Nine university proffessors from around the country, with over 400 combined years of teaching, give advice to incoming freshman, not only on how to succeed at college, but also how to make the overall college experience more enjoyable and more memorable.  The New York Times

Tuition continues to rise with each new year, and high paying jobs for recent college graduates become harder and harder to find.  Is college really worth the cost?  The Choice

The University of Illinois has just finished appointing new Trustees to replaces those who resigned following an admissions scandal.  One former Trustee, however, believes that Trustees should return to being elected officials. The Springfield (IL) State Journal - Register

As students stay in school longer (and do more post-grad work), as tuition skyrockets, and as the economy sours, students and recent grads are going into debt like never before.  The Wall Street Journal

Graduation rates have been steadily dropping for over ten years, including at several high profile universities.  What are the reasons for this, and how does UNM fare?  The New York Times

Beware the Freshman 15!  College Humor


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