College Consulting

You’re an Albuquerque student, and you finally have the test scores you need for college. Now it’s time to put together the perfect college application.  But first, you need answers:

  • What schools best fit my interests?  
  • How can I get scholarships or student loans?  
  • How do I write a great essay?  
  • Which schools have the programs I want? 

Choosing the right college is an important and sometimes stressful process.

Omniac Education’s comprehensive college consulting program creates college lists specifically for Albuquerque students, taking into account your personal needs and interests. Once you have a list that really works, we show you how to get into your top choices.  Over 75% of our students are accepted to their 1st-choice school.  Over 90% are accepted to their 2nd choice.  We measure our success with acceptance letters, and we get results!

Our expert college consultants have received extensive training on helping students find the perfect schools.  We handle every aspect of your application so you can spend moretime visiting campuses. For example, if you want to study marine biology, Harvard may not be the best choice.  We look past name recognition to find schools that will really fit you!

As Albuquerque’s only college consulting agency, Omniac Education provides materials that will help you get to the school of your dreams.  From career assessment exams to college guides, we’ve got you covered.  We will also review your essays and applications, create custom checklists, and give you the advice you need to win over your top schools.

If you are a high-school student in New Mexico who wants the best college consulting advice available, now is the time to start finding your dream school.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make your college search a true success. Call us at (505) 750 4813 to get started today!