Academic Tutoring

When classes get tough, Omniac gets going!  Our highly-skilled academic tutors in Albuquerque and around New Mexico will help you get the grades you need to stay competitive.  We provide quality academic tutoring for students K-12. Whether you need elementary school tutoring or high-school tutoring, we’re here to meet your specific needs. We’ll teach you how to master the fundamentals of any academic subject.

Our staff is trained to tutor any and all subjects, and our academic tutoring students see the results they want.  From first-day homework to difficult finals, we can help you turn those Ds, Cs, and Bs into As!

A dedicated, professional Omniac academic tutor is waiting to meet your specific academic needs for elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Our tutors use the “Omniac Method”, which includes the following features:

  • High-energy Teaching and Student Participation

Based on the age-old Socratic style of teaching, our tutors have been trained to engage students at a deep level, through direct interaction and participation. You won’t find Omniac tutors simply lecturing, or talking “at” students. Our teachers are vibrant and energetic, and dedicated to seeing students grow and improve!

  • Ground Breaking Materials

When standard textbooks fail to deliver solid content, Omniac Education steps in with helpful worksheets, practice problems, and graphics that get the point across for Albuquerque students.

  • Door-to-Door Travel

Don’t have time to make it to an academic tutoring session? Omniac tutors will drive all over Albuquerque to meet you at a time and place that’s most convenient for you and your student. Just relax and let us do the legwork, giving you time to enjoy the results of your tutoring and improved grades.

  • Helping Out, Not Handing Out

Handing out answers to students has never solved anything. Omniac tutors work with students until they can solve problems on their own. We promote organized plans and critical thinking over repetition and memorization, enabling students to eventually work without the tutor!

Call us today at (505) 750-4813 to talk with us about how we can help your student!